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Building a custom home is a very exciting and rewarding experience. Our devoted and caring team at Gage Homes has taken this complex process and simplified the many details into an efficient and user friendly system. We have registered, interior designers to assist with colors, finishes, fixtures and features. Gage Prichard Jr. says, “One of the reasons that we have been so successful is that our experienced team walks our customers through the many decisions that go into the building process. We can assist by insuring proper wall space or finding that niche that adds a special feature to your custom home. Gage Homes’ goal is to allow our clients to build the home of their dreams on time and within budget.”

The process is the same whether it is new construction or a remodel.

  • Selecting a Lot – Whether you have a lot of your own, or are interested in acquiring a home site; we will be happy to assist you in narrowing down your choices based on location, lot size, and price. Most builders either build exclusively on their own lots or just build on owner’s lots. Gage Homes has always done both. We will assist you in viewing potential sites you are considering to ensure that the type of home you want can feasibly be built at your budget level.
  • Developing a Plan – Our relationship with several architects allows us to bridge the gap between you and the architect. We bring our expertise to the table during all phases of the design process to help guide the development of your home. Working with one of our architects allows us to have more input in the design stage, therefore making the time and price more efficient. You may already have a plan of your own, or simply an idea for a home. In any case, we can work with your architect or ours to keep your project in budget.
  • Prior to Start of Construction – We can take you through different homes we have built or simply use our design center to help you make your general finish out selections. This helps us in providing you with a more accurate cost estimate.
  • Formulating an Estimate – After our first visit to the architect we are provided a concept sketch of your home. At this time, we are able to put the general finish out schedule and the sketch together and give you a preliminary cost estimate.
  • Start of Construction – Once the final plans are developed, the interior specifications are complete, and the final price determined; we will enter into an agreement and begin building your custom home. We can work off of a guaranteed price, a fixed fee or a cost-plus basis. We realize that changes can occur during the construction process, as such, we have procedures in place to facilitate those changes or additions to your custom home plans.

For more information about our custom building services or our current inventory of available homes, please give us a call and stop by for a cup of coffee. We want to be your family’s builder.
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